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"It is dark. The only source of lighting that illuminates my silent pacing is the diffused exit sign attached to the ceiling. On the other side of the cold iron door I can hear people being escorted into the initiation space, a small room on my left. Their voices travel and echo in the cave-like space and I can now hear them through the white door that leads to that same room. From the other end of this long, dark space, the silent echo of a person humming reaches my ears. Musician is transforming into the Shaman by opening his voice. Soon it will penetrate the white door and create ambiance to the small cosy initiation space, where six people are taking seats on cushions, pulling woollen socks on and reading instructions to begin their voyage*."

- Extract from Elina Ström Master Thesis 


Participatory performance, 50’, 2019

Music for voice and amplified strings.

Sound design and performance: Charles Quevillon

Costume design and performance: Elina Ström

Direction and performance: Michael Panula-Ontto

Photographs by Teemu Ullgrén

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