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What happens when you cross a performing artist and former zen monk with a West African-born self-taught B-boy, and situate them in an empty opera hall? You’ll be finding out only days after the artists themselves, as they join together in Southam Hall to realize a program of spoken word and movement. Creating and performing together for the first time in their collective 64 years of practice, Crazy Smooth and Tedd Robinson’s Finding “Out” brings two divergent dance practitioners in surreal times, to discover common ground and to celebrate performance.

Live-streamed (7.-12.09.2021)

NAC commission for Dance Forth.

finding ''out''

Dance/live stream, 35’, 2021

Bboyizm Dance Company/Crazy Smooth and

10 Gates Dancing/Tedd Robinson

Music/Sound: Charles Quevillon

Writer: Alejandro Rodriguez

Videographer: Yves Soglo

Videographer: Mathieu Brunet

Outside Eye: Angie Cheng

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