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la grande cosquilla 

Instrumental Theater, 8', 2016

Perfomed by Soundinitiative and Charles Quevillon

Premiered at Castell de Flix, Flix, Catalogne (SP), (9.7.2016)

Mémoire d'air

Instrumental Theater, 10', 2016

for soprano, flutist, scenic device and electronics

Performed by Altra Voce (Sarah Albu and Jeff Stonehouse)

chasse l'espace

Instrumental Theater, 30', 2015

for baryton saxophone, scenic device and electronics

Premiered at Chapelle Historique du Bon pasteur, Montréal (QC), (20.3.2015)

Commission of Ida Toninato and Codes d'accès

Created with the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec

Performance (excerpts)

face à face I Et II

Instrumental Theater, 10', 2014

For flautist, percussionist, trumpetist and electronics

Performed by Marilène Provencher-Leduc, Matthias Soly-Letartre and Frederic Demers 

Composition and staging: Charles Quevillon



le temps d'en perdre

Composition, 12', 2014

for orchestra and four soloists

Performed by: Orchestre symphonique du Conservatoire de musique de Montréal sous la direction de Louis Lavigueur

Soloists: Éliane Charest-Beauchamp (Violin), Bruno Laurence-Joyal (Trombone), Matthias Soly-Letartre (percussion) and Antoine St-Onge (bassoon).



Composition, 14', 2013

Sextet for brass quintet, drums and electronics

Performed by Magnitude 6

Premiered at Studio Jean-Valcourt du CMM, Montréal (QC), (24.4.2013)

Petit Campus, Montréal (QC), (26.2.2013)

Sala Rossa, Montréal (QC), (20.5.2013)

Commission from Magnitude 6 ensemble



Corde à Vide

Music performance, 25', 2013

Solo performance with a chime of 8 suspended plucked-strings instruments and electronics.

Composition and performance: Charles Quevillon

Premiered at Studio Jean-Valcourt du CMM, Montréal (QC), (24.4.2013)

Performance (excerpts)


Composition, 11, 2012

For organophone and fixed sounds

Composition and performance: Charles Quevillon

Premiered at Salle Multimédia du CMM, Montréal (QC) , (7.2.2013)

Commission from Totems Contemporains

Created with the support of Canada Art Council


The unquestionable answer

Composition, 8', 2012

Pour flute, hautbois, clarinette, basson et percussions

Performed by Le NEM and Lorraine Vaillancourt

Premiered at Domaine Forget, Salle François-Bernier, St-Iréné (QC)


Des Astres

Composition, 16'30, 2009

For cello, voice and tape

Collaboration with Émilie Girard-Charest

Text of Joyce Mansour

Premiered at Salle Multimédia du CMM, Montréal (QC), (30.4.2009)


Acousmatic music, 12'45, 2009

Premiered at Concert Électrochocs, Salle Multimédia du CMM, Montréal (QC)

Bordeaux via Montréal, 1 Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux (FR)


L'Eau mord

Composition, 10', 2009

For 8 voice choir

Text from Pablo Neruda

Premiered at Casa Obscura, Montréal (QC)


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