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Au Boute is an acousmatic work based on a bicycle trip I made following the north shore or the St-Laurent River in Quebec, Canada. In this work, I was inspired by the four elements (earth, wind, fire, water). I associated each element with specific sounds which represented them. I also wanted to recreate the feeling of biking by using sounds that repeated themselves with varying speed and also by the flow of spaces that recreated some landscapes I encounter during the trip, such as a mountain and the seashore. Au Boute was awarded the 1rst prize in JTTP 2010 competition organized by the CEC  and was published on their annual compilation. It also won the third prize in the Hugh Le Caine Prize category in a competition organized by the SOCAN Foundation.

Premiered at Salle Multimédia du CMM, Montréal (QC) , (17.5.2010)

1er Prix au concours JTTP de la communauté électroacoustique Canadienne (CEC)

3e Prix au Concours des jeunes compositeurs de la fondation SOCAN 2010 catégorie Hugh-Le-Caine

au boute

Acousmatic music, 25', 2010

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