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sound design

Empathy Machine

Sound Design for a Museum Exhibition, 2023

finding ''out''

Dance/live stream, 35', 2021

final sale robert's getaway

Short Film, 5', 2021

the problem of the hydra

HD 1080p, color, sound, 9 min 40 sec, 2017-2020

Immortal’s Birthday

Exhibition, 2020

cotton handkerchiefs and dog's tears

Dance, 17', 2017

The 60 Dancer Project

Dance, 60', 2014


Dance, 21', 2011

I have been making sound design for 11 years with respected senior Canadian choreographer Tedd Robinson and award-wining Finnish visual artist Maija Tammi. I often record, mix and master everything myself and play various instruments (voices, guitars, objects, synthesizers). I use my skills in composition and electroacoustic music to form a soundtrack that brings an intense and emotional dramaturgical element to a dance, film or theatre production.

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