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the 1m3 of human experiment

Performance with video, 20', 2018

Solo performance with 2 hydrophones, voice and electronics.

Collaboration with visual artist Maija Tammi

The 1m3 of Human Experiment is a vivid, claustrophobic, and possibly an occasionally nauseating artwork that examines the problematic separation of mind and body and questions the trustworthiness of our senses. In the work, a human confined in a square box tries to make sense of his world. A cable coming out of his mouth connects him to a simulation surrounding him. The work combines performance, audio, and video art.

The work combines performance, audio, and video art. In the work, Quevillon performs inside a box that is 0,5 cubic meters in size, and Tammi’s video is projected onto a screen around the box. The black box is lit from inside and the lighting is part of the composed work. The video presents for example maggots, a brain, and my own bizarre movements in forests and different bodies of water. The music consists of dense electronic textures contrasted by the sounds coming from within the box, in which I’m using two hydrophones to amplify sounds made by his own body (heartbeat, breath, voice and body percussion).

Performed in the Kiasma-Theater, Helsinki (FI), (13-14.8.2020)


Premiered at Our Festival (Meidän Festivaali) in Tuusula (FI), (26.7.2018).

Review of the premiere performance in Helsingin Sanomat.

Photographs by Maarit Kytöharju and Maija Tammi

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