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The work was first created and performed in a vault of a Cold War-era bunker in Canada, 50 meters underground. The work is divided into ten sections in form of a requiem. Through sounds, movements and costumes, images of death and burials are juxtaposed in a breathtaking performance.

Trust is one of the basic tenets of life. By earning it, we gain entry into the lives of others. As a basis for social ritual, the physicality of trust—the gestures of shared values—can establish systems of belief, dependence and seduction. 


This duet by choreographer/performer Tedd Robinson and composer/performer Charles Quevillon uses trust as a base point for creative examination; a resonant encounter in an intimate and historically complex setting that invites the curious to trust the curious.

trust: a requiem for wood and stone

Dance/theater, 50', 2016

Music for small rocks, stones, tiles, tam-tam, fixed sounds and voice.

Co-created and performed with choreographer Tedd Robinson

Production of 10 Gates Dancing inc.

Program Note:

'' You are here, sitting in a vault, which was to hold gold in case of disaster, and now is holding all of us. We hope this vault will never see another gold bar. We trust it won’t. We wrap ourselves in blankets. Charles and Tedd are before you, making sounds and movements that are devised for this room, this vault. Listen to the space and through our attention to these sounds and images, we can activate the vault in ways the gold would not, and never will. This work is not always explicitly about trust, but grows from an assured reliance on the belief that performers and audience have arrived here together after a series of decisions and discussions, with the mutual aim of exchange. What happens here remains and reverberates in the vault.''

Premiered at the Diefenbunker, Carp (CA) during Canada Dance Festival (11.6.2016)

Performed in ODD Box (ON, CA), (24-26.2.2017)

Performed at the Vancouver International Dance Festival in Vancouver (BC, CA), (27-29.3.2019)

Performed at the Festival of New Dance in St-John's (NFLD, CA), (10.10.2019)

Photographs by Rod MacIvor

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