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toute pétille

Album of experimental songs, 42', 2017

Voice and electronics.

Composed and Performed by Charles Quevillon

8 experimental songs for voice, synthesizer and fixed sounds. The songs are about consciousness and the senses. The album was published as a cassette and digital format by Montreal-based label Jeunesse Cosmique.

Premiered at La Plante, Montréal, Canada: 27.10.2017

Circulation(s) Festival, Paris, France: 12.03.2020 (installation)

Oubs Studio, Espoo, Finland: 6.10.2018

Gallerie Titanic, Turku, Finland: 21.12.2017

Thirdspace, Helsinki, Finland: 8.12.2017

Projet soutenu par Emploi Québec à travers le programme Jeunes Volontaires.

Design by Jesper Vuori

Photograph by Maija Tammi

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